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Certified Astrologer & Life Coach

Welcome to Joyfulife!

I am your personal Soul Guide, Life Coach,  Intuitive Diviner and Astrologer.

My whole life resonates on a deeper, Soul-Spiritual level and my gifts are naturally inherited from my ancestors. (This perplexed me as a child because I did not understand how I knew what I knew.)


All readings are based upon your needs and support your soul purpose with practical applications. I simplify the complexities so you may accept your life challenges and consciously grow.


Whether you are interested in a personal soul purpose reading, relationship dynamics, or understanding your child's life path- I am here to serve with Love.


Celestial Salon is a hosted, special event for kindred souls comfortable sharing their deeper truth in the company of others. I will do individual readings with a main theme.


From my deepest root to my highest star!




Keep Love In Your Heart!

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Faculty of Astrological Studies, London, England

Astrological Certification

Astrological Institute, Scottsdale, AZ

Comprehensive Astrological Course

Time Navigators, Atlanta, GA

Astrological Interpretation

Association Member

International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR)

Venus Magazine, New York

Column Writer "Cosmic Rhythms"

Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ

Astrology Instructor

Educator, Healer, Empath

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